Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils: Relaunched & New Shades

UrbanDecay_eyelinerUrban Decay has recently re-released a bunch of limited edition shades, as well as come out with new shades, into their permanent collection of 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils. I am actually super excited about this because the shade Mushroom, which was in the Ocho Loco set from Holiday 2012, is my favorite product Urban Decay has ever made – and it’s back! I was using mine sparingly because I had no idea what I would do when it was out. I even spent hours on beauty blogs trying to see if anyone had come up with a dupe (and apparently there isn’t one).


Note: the mini pencils are from limited edition gift sets.

Here are the colors I currently have:

Asphyxia: vibrant pink/purple duotone w/tonal and blue micro-sparkle

Cuff: metallic silver shimmer w/silver micro-sparkle (new shade)

Empire: dark eggplant matte

Freak: bright green shimmer (new shade)

Hustle: metallic brown shimmer

Junkie: dark green shimmer

LSD: navy shimmer w/bright turquoise micro-sparkle

Manline: deep green/blue matte

Mushroom: metallic brown shimmer

Psychedelic Sister: bright purple cream

Smog: copper shimmer

Uzi: dark gunmetal shimmer w/silver micro-sparkle

As always, all of these shades are super off and literally glide right on. I had heard that Asphyxia did not have the best pigmentation and was a bit patchy, but I did not seem to have a problem with it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow – I will be reviewing most of the new Summer collection!


L to R: Psychedelic Sister, Asphyxia, Empire, Freak, Junkie, LSD, Manline, Smog, Hustle, Mushroom, Cuff, Uzi

Apart from Mushroom, my favorites so far are Cuff, Asphyxia, Freak, and Smog.

Which ones do you like best? Are you guys planning on picking up any of the new shades?

Availability: Urban Decay, $19

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils: Relaunched & New Shades

  1. Tracey

    I love their pencils! They glide on with ease and the colors are so vibrant and add that extra pop! These are probably my favorite liners besides MAC. I am excited to try these new colors! I will have to let you know how deep end looks :) Smog does look like a nice almost gold shade. I might have to invest in this color. I am also loving cuff, junkie, and LSD. GAH they are all gorgeous!