Philosophy Passion Fruit Daiquiri Body Lotion


The thing I am laziest about when it comes to my beauty routine is moisturizing my body. It’s boring and it just takes forever to absorb. But, lately I have been feeling more open minded about body lotion and I like the idea of smelling “seasonal.”

While in Sephora, I came across this seasonal body lotion by Philosophy in the scent Passion Fruit Daiquiri.


I am a huge fan of Philosophy’s body washes, so this is why I opted for a Philosophy body lotion (and I know they always smell great). This particular scent is just okay. It seemed nice in the store, but once I got home and put it on I realized it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I was hoping for something a bit more tropical or coconut-y and this scent is very sweet. It reminds me of these scented dolls I had in the 90s (were they the Cupcake Dolls?).

But overall, this is actually a good body lotion. It is fast-absorbing and keeps my skin soft for pretty much the entire day. And the scent stays with you for the whole day (so make sure you buy one you really like).

Availability: Sephora, $16.50

Do you go for different scented body products depending on the time of year?

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