Anjou Pear by Root Candles


Some of my favorite candles, which I don’t hear too much about online, are from Root Candles. These candles are handcrafted and all-natural, so they do not contain any harsh chemicals. They all smell great, but I have a brand new Anjou Pear to show you guys.


Anjou Pear is pear with vanilla and sugar cane. This candle smells great! I also have a travel tin for my bedroom that I have been lighting. I do notice with the Root candles (and especially with Anjou Pear) that if I have the candle burning for a few hours and put it out, I still smell it for most of the day.

Anjou Pear is the perfect Spring and Summer scent and it’s a nice scent for any room.

Availability: Root Candles & in-store at Fresh Market

Have you tried anything from Root Candles? What scents do you go for in Spring?

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