Recipe: Sweet Strawberry Pie


I made this vegan, strawberry pie over the weekend for Mother’s Day and it was quite a hit. Even all of the meat eaters in my family devoured it. It’s so easy to prepare and it does not have to bake in the oven.

Also, there is no sugar in this pie. It’s sweetened with brown rice syrup, which can be found at Whole Foods or any health food store. The raw almonds used in the crust are great for anyone looking to lose weight, because roasted nuts can cause weight gain.

The only thing I will say, is that this pie is really only good the day you make it. If it sits overnight, it will get soggy.


2 pounds fresh strawberries, with tops removed and sliced

Juice of half a lemon

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 cup brown rice syrup

Pinch of sea salt

2 cups raw almonds

1 3/4 cup pitted dates

1. Combine strawberries, lemon juice, vanilla extract, brown rice syrup, and sea salt in a bowl and mix well to combine ingredients. Make sure you do this first, because this mixture needs time to settle while you make the crust.

2. Place almonds in a food processor or blender and pulse until they are ground, similar in consistency to bread crumbs. Empty into a bowl.

3. Next, add the dates to the food processor or blender and pulse. The dates will eventually form into a sticky ball. Remove from the food processor and add to the almonds.

4. Mix the ground almonds and dates together. This may take a few minutes, and I found it best to use my hands in order to ensure that the two were thoroughly mixed together. Press into a pie plate, forming a crust.

5. Spoon strawberry mixture onto the crust, using a slotted spoon. Discard any excess liquid. Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.

*From Green Market Baking Book by Laura C. Martin.

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