Hungry for Change


Today is Food Revolution Day, which is Jamie Oliver’s plan to get everyone to start eating healthier, eat local produce, and emphasize the importance of basic cooking skills, which many have not acquired in modern society.

For anyone interested in nutrition or looking to reevaluate their eating habits, I recommend this documentary, Hungry for Change (which also features footage of Jamie Oliver speaking about the eating habits of children). Hungry for Change stresses how eating natural food can completely transform your health for the better, as well as the way in which supermarket brands are marketing junk food in order to get consumers to purchase them.

But what does this have to do with beauty? Hungry for Change does touch on this a bit, but eating healthy, plant-based foods not only keeps your weight down, but can also clear up acne and other issues you may be having with your skin. A good diet allows beauty products to become secondary.

Has anyone seen Hungry for Change? Do you try to stay away from eating processed foods?

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