Philosophy Rainbow Sherbet Body Lotion


I went shopping a few days ago, and although I wasn’t in the market for another body lotion, I was completely drawn to the colorful packaging of this Rainbow Sherbet lotion by Philosophy. Once I opened up the tester and had a sniff I thought, “Yes, I need you in my life.”

The scent of Rainbow Sherbet is very citrus-y; it reminds a lot of an orange creamsicle, but a touch sweeter. It’s a very happy scent, perfect for Summer. Once applied to your body, the scent is not very strong, but it still lingers for a good portion of the day. Overall, this is a pretty good body lotion. My skin certainly feels soft when I use it, but keep in mind that I also use body scrubs regularly.

Availability: Sephora, $16.50

Are you ever tempted by cute packaging? What sort of scents do like during the Summer?

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