Recipe: Fresh Watermelon Salad


As some of you know, I went to the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival in Walt Disney World a few months ago. This year there was a new addition to the festival: food booths. Since I’m obsessed with food, that was the thing I was most looking forward to.

One of my favorite food items from the festival was the Watermelon Salad from the Florida booth. Although this recipe isn’t exact (the EPCOT version also had caramelized onions), this is a quick and easy lunch idea.


lettuce or greens of choice

watermelon, cut into chunks

feta cheese

balsamic glaze (available in most grocery stores)

black pepper (optional)

1. Place greens into a bowl or dish. Next, add the watermelon pieces and sprinkle the feta over the top. Lastly, drizzle with a balsamic glaze. You can add black pepper if you like; I personally love pepper on everything.

*Adapted from the 2013 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Fresh Watermelon Salad

  1. Tracey

    This watermelon salad was surprisingly refreshing and tasty at Epcot. I will have to try this recipe and make my own. Now I am excited to try this!

  2. Heavy Hedonist

    Try Nigella Lawson’s more expansive, but just as easy, recipe– an earlier version of this that everyone has copied. It’s fantastic!

    You can easily find it on my website– just search for watermelon. Cheers!