MAC All About Orange Haul


Yesterday MAC finally released their All About Orange collection in stores! Even though I am obsessed with all things orange and coral, I didn’t go crazy with this. A lot of the lipsticks seemed similar to ones I already owned, so I tried to pick out things that were a bit more unique.

I have not tried any of this stuff yet; these were just the items that I felt were worth picking up.


L to R: Honey Jasmine, Royal Sunset

I got two of out the three blushes from this collection. I chose not to purchase Immortal Flower because it seemed a bit simple in comparison to Honey Jasmine and Royal Sunset. And I like my blush a bit more on the vibrant side.


L to R: Tangerine Dream, Tart & Trendy

I knew going into MAC that I was definitely getting Tangerine Dream. It’s a very yellow orange, completely unique to the orange lipsticks I already own. I also picked up Tart & Trendy, which is a mid-toned orange, also different front the lipsticks I already had. Many of the orange lipsticks I own are bright and vibrant or red-toned.

I was initially going to purchase a third lipstick, Sushi Kiss, but it seemed similar to MAC Betty Bright, which is a color I love, but don’t reach for often.

Availability: MAC Cosmetics.

Are you crazy for orange? Did you purchase anything from All About Orange?

5 thoughts on “MAC All About Orange Haul

  1. Tracey

    I am loving this collection! I completely forgot it came out yesterday even with you telling me :) The blushes definitely look vibrant. I wonder how orange lipstick would look on me? I am feeling brave enough to try :)

    Thanks for posting!!

  2. Julia

    I wish I had your reserve. Orange and coral is a new love for me so I had no dupes to justify NOT getting one. I got Flamingo, Razzledazzler, Sweet and Sour, Sushi Kiss, and Tart and Trendy. I don’t think Sushi Kiss looks anything like Betty Bright. BB is much more pink and way brighter. But that may also be on my lips. My lips have very little pigment so colors don’t change much from the bullet.