The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter


I don’t know why I was drawn to this particular scent. Normally I would never go for anything blueberry, but I was in The Body Shop sniffing all of the body butters and this one caught my attention.

The Blueberry Body Butter is The Body Shop’s seasonal scent for Spring and Summer 2013. I expected it to be overly sweet, but the scent is actually very subtle and almost a bit planty; it is what I imagine the actual blueberry plant to smell like.


From what I was told at The Body Shop, the fruity scents are for people with normal to dry skin and the nutty scents are for those of us with very dry skin. Although I do have extremely dry skin, I still found that the Blueberry Body Butter was quite hydrating and I woke up the next morning with super soft skin.

Availability: The Body Shop, $20.

What is your favorite scent from The Body Shop? Have you tried the Blueberry Body Butter?

4 thoughts on “The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter

  1. Tracey

    Would not have expected to see Blueberry as a body butter. I have not shopped in the Body Shop in years. The last time I shopped in there I found the scents too strong and had to leave. Maybe I will give them another try.