Julep DD Creme & Concealer


To add into the BB and CC cream craze, Julep has a new product: DD Creme and DD Concealer. DD stands for Dynamic Do-All, and it apparently acts as a moisturizer, primer, SPF, and foundation (as most BB and CC creams claim to do).

To start with, I have both of these in the shade Light, which is the lightest shade. As per usual, Light is too dark for me (NC15/NW20). Even when blended down my neck, it still looks like my head is on the wrong body. There should be a shade called Fair.

The thing that was most disappointing is that both of these tubes are mainly filled with air. There is very little product inside, especially with the concealer (which I thought was empty at first); I think there is enough for 2-3 uses max. Given that there is hardly any product inside, these are not worth it for the price. The DD Creme is $36 and the DD Concealer is $32.

The actual DD Creme is okay. I reminded me of a lightweight, tinted sunscreen. I’m saying tinted sunscreen over tinted moisturizer because it had a bit of a sunscreen smell. Although the tube is basically empty, the concealer was decent. It was slightly drying, but not too bad compared to others I have used, and had good coverage. But again, both of these looked weird on me because the shade was too dark.

Availability: Julep, $32 & $36

Was anyone else disappointed by the Julep DD Creme?

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