NARS Puerto Vallarta Multiple


We all know I’m obsessed with orange, but mainly lipstick and blusher. NARS Puerto Vallarta was on my wishlist for a few months, since I saw press releases of this product. Finally, I decided to pick it up a few weeks ago and it’s one of my favorite new purchases.

For those who don’t know a Multiple is basically a cream product than can be used for multiple purposes (i.e. lips, cheeks). Personally, I strictly use this as a blush.


Puerto Vallarta is a sort of apricot color and it’s gorgeous! It really warms up my fair complexion. I prefer to apply this using a brush (the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is my top pick), but it still blends nicely if you apply it straight from the stick.

I’m pretty sure this shade is limited edition, which is sad because I love it so much; it hasn’t left my makeup bag since I bought it.

Availability: Sephora, $39.

Does anyone have Puerto Vallarta? What do you think of it?