Weleda Skin Food


I suffer with quite dry skin, especially on my forehead. I exfoliate and moisturize, but it really did not make too much difference. Those dry patches were always visible, especially between my eyebrows. To add into that, of course my foundation always looked awful on my forehead.

I had seen FleurDeForce on YouTube mention Skin Food by Weleda about a month or so ago. She made it sound quite promising for my gross, dry skin.

I picked this up at Whole Foods for $11.99 (but I have also seen it at Fresh Market and on Amazon). All I can say is that my skin has never looked better. Skin Food is very thick, with more of an ointment consistency. I apply it to my forehead every night (I use LUSH Skin Drink on the rest of my face and neck), and all of my dry spots have vanished. I noticed it took about two days, and after that my skin looked perfect.

Skin Food can be applied anywhere on your body that needs extra moisture (lips, elbows, etc). But for me, it was my forehead that was my main area of concern.

Have you tried Skin Food? Do you get super dry skin?

5 thoughts on “Weleda Skin Food

  1. Kiss & Make-up

    I am pretty sure it would not be a good idea to apply this all over (I have oily skin) but I bet it could do wonders for the few dry patches I have around my nostrils and on my chin.

    1. Danielle Post author

      Yeah I think it would be good! You can put it anywhere you tend to get very dry. And you can apply it a couple of times a day if you need to.