Fresh Market Low Acid Vanilla Almond Coffee


I haven’t done a food review in quite a while, and Keen Beauty is essential a health and beauty blog, with the occasional lifestyle post. So I’m getting back into it!

This is a product I was so excited about when I first saw it advertised in the Fresh Market monthly flyer. Anyone else out there with stomach problems would know exactly what I am talking about. This low acid coffee is designed to be really easy on the stomach. However, I found it to have quite the opposite effect, sadly.


First off, I tried making this coffee twice. And I know it’s supposed to be Vanilla Almond flavored, but it was not particularly good; it had a very burnt taste. I love Fresh Market’s other flavored coffees that you grind fresh in the bulk barrels, but this was not good.

Apart from the flavor not being good, this coffee really upset my stomach. I was very disappointed, because I had high hopes for this, since it is made for sensitive stomachs. I am better off sticking with decaf if I am going to have coffee.

For those of you who live outside of the United States, Fresh Market is a small grocery store chain here in the U.S. They sell mainly specialty and natural products.

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