LUSH Angels on Bare Skin


I am pretty sure that I have mentioned LUSH’s Angels on Bare Skin in the past, but I have never done a full review on it.

This is the cleanser that I use. I know it looks strange and not like a typical cleanser, but my skin has never looked better. I have dry, sensitive skin, that is prone to redness and hormonal acne. Also, I have broken out from so many skincare products, but I have had great success with LUSH products.


All you do is break off a tiny piece of this product. Once it is wet and on your face, it will break down. Angels on Bare Skin is also supposed to be an exfoliant, as well as a cleanser. I personally still use another product on the days when I exfoliate. Because my skin is really prone to dryness and I get bad dry patches, I do not find this product to be sufficient in that sense. I do find that Angels on Bare Skin does a good job at getting all of my face makeup off, but I use an additional product for my eye makeup.

My one criticism with Angels on Bare Skin is that if you’re not careful, this product can go a bit soggy. I won’t keep it in the bathroom and I have become very conscious not to have it in the bathroom while the shower is on and I will only go near it with dry hands.

Have you tried any cleansers by LUSH?

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