Julep Doublestep Foot Treatment & Friction Stick


Okay – we all have worn uncomfortable shoes on purpose, just because they are pretty.

There have been many times in my life where I knew I was going to get a blister, but it was worth it just to wear cute shoes. I would often do the deodorant trick where you apply stick deodorant on the areas that may become irritated. However, this friction stick by Julep is actually better and it recently saved me from developing blisters from a new pair of sandals.


Julep Doublestep acts as a barrier between your foot and your shoe in order to protect against blisters. I have to admit it completely lived up to the claim. This product is also suppose to hydrate and act as a treatment for rough, dry skin. I don’t have that issue with my feet, mainly because I load up on foot scrubs and lotions. But, I think this product would be good for athletes or dancers who need a quick and easy spot treatment.

Doublestep is also paraben-free.

What do you think of Doublestep? Do you already know which pair of shoes you would use with this?

Availability: Julep, $22.

5 thoughts on “Julep Doublestep Foot Treatment & Friction Stick

  1. Jenna

    I will need this product when I start buying new shoes again ( I have an ankle injury so I have been only wearing the same comfort bottom few pairs of shoes the last 15 months. Blerg!) I think one of the bandaid brands makes something like this too, but I’ve been loving Julep products lately!

    Jenna ♥ ♥