Eye Shadow Ideas for Fall 2013


So, I went through all of my eye shadows and picked out a couple of my favorites for fall. This is not necessarily a trend-based post, although red eye shadow is on-trend for autumn 2013. These are my personal favorites for fall and many of them are old favorites that I look forward to wearing every year during autumn.


NARS Paramaribo


L’Oreal Infallible in Amber Rush


L to R: MAC Amber Lights, MAC Coppering


L to R: MAC Cranberry, MAC Sumptuous Olive

All four of the MAC shadows I chose have been my go-to autumn shades for years. Although I do wear them year round, I tend to reach for them more during the autumn and winter months. I also love the NARS duo in Paramaribo, which is permanent (I checked on their site). The light shade is almost a muted lime green and the darker shade is a sort of bronze-olive. Although L’Oreal’s Amber Rush is a newer addition for me this fall, it’s a great everyday shade for the season.

Do you own any of these eye shadows? What are your personal picks when it comes to fall eye shadow?

9 thoughts on “Eye Shadow Ideas for Fall 2013

  1. Kenzie

    You and I have very similar taste! I absolutely love Coppering and Sumptuous Olive. That Nars duo is something that I think I need to see! It looks right up my alley. Have you tried Sable from MAC? It’s a great shade for fall as well and I think it compliments Sumptuous Olive nicely.