Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub


Apart from having super dry skin, my lips have been extra dry now that summer is over, more so than I can recall in past years. My usual LUSH lip scrub, which I still love, was just not cutting it this year.

I was sold on the Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub (yes, the name is cringe-worthy) because it said this scrub contains “conditioning oils,” which is something I really need right now. And I have to say, I am loving this lip scrub!


How cute is this packaging?


Apart from the fact that I love the packaging, the actual product inside is really good.The scrub contains molasses, brown sugar, shea butter, vitamin E, and other oils to nourish your lips.

The scrub itself is quite gooey, where before, I was used to a scrub that was only made of sugar. It has an incredibly sweet maple scent, almost sickly sweet. I do find the smell to be a bit much for me, but I can let it go because I love the product so much.

I really recommend this scrub if you suffer from dry, chapped lips. I also have found that with this lip scrub, I don’t have to use it as often as I do other lip scrubs. It probably has something to do with those “conditioning oils”….

Have you tried the Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub? What other lip products do you like during the winter months?

Availability: Julep, $14.

8 thoughts on “Julep Sugar Smooch Lip Scrub

  1. Jenny

    My friend showed me this review earlier. I love the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub and upon reading this review, I might indulge. My lips tend to become severely dry and chapped esp. during the fall/winter season and a good lip scrub with conditioning properties will really help. I’m not bothered with scented lip products so I think I can handle the sweet scent of this Juley one. :)