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One of my favorite brands, Julep, is finally starting to get into makeup! For a while, Julep’s main products were nail polish and body care items. This year they have released a couple of makeup products and just in time for the holiday season, they now sell eye shadow.

Julep’s first shadow product is called the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals. The fact that this palette is specifically labeled neutrals makes me wonder if they will be releasing other shades in the future.

Julep_SweepEyeshadowPaletteL to R: Tiramisu, Glow, Dusk, Toffee, Cocoa

The word “palette” could be a bit misleading because this product is on the smaller side and only contains five shades.

Here is the size in comparison to the Urban Decay Naked palette:


As you can see, the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette is pretty tiny (and it fits nicely in my hand). This would be a great palette for anyone traveling in the winter months, but the deep, cooler toned shades don’t really scream summer to me.


Some of shades are similar to a couple in the Naked palette. The only shadow in the Sweep palette that is noticeably different from anything in Naked is Tiramisu, the first shade. It photographed a bit more ivory, but it has peach tones in person. It reminds me a lot of Arena by MAC.

Apparently these shadows also have some sort of anti-aging ingredients, but I don’t think I would use the palette consistently enough to find out if that is the case since I change up my makeup pretty often.

The shadows feel pretty buttery except for Toffee (the fourth shade), which was sort of chalky. Overall, this is a decent palette and the quality is good, but for the price ($24.00) I wish there was a bit more variety. My main issue is with the last two shades. I see a lot of palettes overdo it with brown (the Too Faced Summer Eye palette was a big offender), so I wish there was another lighter shade in there instead of two browns.

What do you think of the Sweep Eyeshadow Palette? Have you tried any other makeup items by Julep?

Availability: Julep, $24.00.

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