Best Blushes to Compliment Red Lips


Yes, I am addicted to red lipstick. I honestly wear a red lip about every other day. And I will be wearing it later when I do my makeup (and probably tomorrow, as well).

I do enjoy pairing unlikely blushes with red lips, but the three I chose are my favorites. They go with pretty much any shade of red, while still adding color and life to your cheeks without overpowering the red lip.


Benefit Rockateur: As many of you already know, Benefit released a new shade of their Box Powders a couple of months ago. Rockateur is neutral, rose gold that looks great with just about any makeup look, but I have been particularly loving it with red lipstick.


MAC Warm Soul: Warm Soul is an old favorite of mine to wear with a red lip. This shade is a bit similar to Rockateur, but not quite as pink. This is also a great blush for someone who is looking for a shade that really goes with everything.


MAC Harmony: You can never go wrong with just wearing plain, old bronzer across your cheeks with a red lip. But, MAC’s Harmony blush is just slightly more rosy than a regular bronzer. I particularly like to wear this blush with warmer toned reds. This is also a great shade for anyone with fair skin who wants to look slightly tanned.

What are you favorite blushes to pair with a red lip? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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