Origins Peace of Mind


I know this product doesn’t seem as exciting compared to nail polish and eye shadows, but I recently received Origins Peace of Mind and I think it’s definitely worth blogging about. This is a fantastic product for anyone, especially those who feel anxious or overwhelmed quite often.

Peace of Mind is a minty lotion with a cooling, tingling effect that is meant to be used on your temples, earlobes, and neck during moments of anxiety or stress. I use one small pump and massage the product on my temples whenever I feel a bit overwhelmed (which for me is often at nighttime). After a couple of seconds I can feel the cooling sensation and am able to relax.

I have gotten a couple of people to try Peace of Mind and they really like it. I had something similar to Peace of Mind quite a few years ago from Bath & Body Works and I remember loving it. This is a product I really recommending having on hand if you find yourself feeling anxious on a regular basis.

Availability: Origins, $12 for 0.5 oz.

3 thoughts on “Origins Peace of Mind

  1. Cookie

    Love this product. A friend recommended it to me a few years ago. I get really severe headaches and often migraines — once they start they’re hard to stop. When I feel a headache coming on I put this on as you said but also just above my eyebrows. It works wonders! I keep one on the vanity, in my purse plus a couple backups. I wish they’d make a rollerball version.