Top Body Products for Winter


I always try to keep my skin hydrated. Since I do get a bit more dry in the winter, I really do try to put in that extra effort to keep up with my body care routine. I use these products year round, but they are especially nice in the winter and these are also my favorite scents for this time of year.


winter_bodycare2014The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Scrub

One of my absolute favorite body products is the Brazil Nut Body Scrub from The Body Shop. If you have never smelled this stuff before, you need to go to a Body Shop and have a sniff. It literally smells like dessert in the shower. I particularly like this scrub for winter because as you can see, it looks like a body lotion with the scrub particles mixed it, so it won’t make your skin feel even drier.

winter_bodycare2014Julep Pomegranate Body Creme

For the daytime I typically like to use a lighter body lotion because I hate that feeling of having my clothes sticking to me (especially jeans). The Julep Pomegranate Body Creme is light, but it still hydrates really well. Plus, it’s fast-absorbing! My only semi-criticism is the scent; it just smells okay – kind of like fruity laundry (if that’s a thing).

winter_bodycare2014The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter, The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter

I saved the best for last: the body butters! I am a huge body butter junkie and the ones from The Body Shop are my favorites. My top scents for winter are Brazil Nut (which smells exactly like the body scrub) and Cranberry Joy. Cranberry Joy was new to me this year. I received the small size in a gift set, however, since taking this picture I have already used it up and purchased a full-size from The Body Shop’s holiday sale.

I tend to use body butter more at night since it’s heavier and takes longer to absorb, but I will use it in the day occasionally. These body butters are also great to use on your feet, instead of buying an additional foot cream.

What are you favorite body care products for the winter?

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