Urban Decay Naked 3 vs. LORAC Unzipped


The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette has (of course) become insanely popular, so I thought I would do a post including another palette that is pretty comparable to Naked 3 in terms of the shade range: LORAC Unzipped.

Both of these eye shadow palettes are really nice, but they aren’t exactly the same. I really wanted to break down the differences between each palette, so you could figure out which one fits your makeup needs more.

If you are torn between the two of these I hope this post helps!

Naked3_LoracUnzippedTop: LORAC Unzipped, Bottom: Urban Decay Naked 3

As you can see, the overall shade range is pretty similar; both palettes are mainly rose-toned neutrals. Naked 3 contains twelve shadows, where Unzipped contains ten (so not much of a difference). However, you do get slightly more product from each individual Urban Decay shadow at 1.3g. Unzipped contains only 1.12g per shadow.


When it comes down to the actual shadow colors, although they are similar, both vary a bit. Naked 3 contains a few more cool-toned and taupe shades, where Unzipped has a few gold and bronze shadows. Both palettes do contain a gold shadow, but I find that the shade is Naked 3 is very coppery, where the gold shadow is Unzipped is much more natural looking. Both also have a good mix of finishes, but one thing that I really like about Unzipped is that this palette also has a matte brown. This is something that I think makes Unzipped a bit more versatile because you can create a rosy eye look one day or a warm, golden bronze look the next day. With Naked 3, you are pretty much always going to have rose or cool-toned eye looks.

As with most Urban Decay palettes, Naked 3 has some very glittery shades in there, If you don’t like glittery shadows at all, I would skip out on Naked 3 all together. Some of the shades in Unzipped are shimmery, but not at all glittery (and I find that I get less fall-out when I use the Unzipped palette). In terms of quality, both palettes are great and well pigmented. However, I find that the LORAC eye shadows last much better on me (and I do have extremely oily lids).

The packaging of each of these is also pretty different. Naked 3 is a tin that snaps shut, where Unzipped is thick cardboard with a magnetic closure. Although it would seem that Naked 3 is more sturdy, I actually find the case to be a bit flimsy. I don’t feel like the packaging off the LORAC Unzipped palette is going to crack or break on me. And I would definitely feel more comfortable traveling with Unzipped. Both palettes have a mirror inside.

When it comes to pricing, Naked 3 costs $52.00. Unlike Unzipped, this palette comes with a two-side brush and some eye shadow primer samples. I personally don’t really find the brush in this set particularly useful, so I keep it in a drawer with the other makeup brushes I don’t use. I think some of the brushes that come with other Urban Decay palettes are a bit better. Unzipped costs $40.00 and comes with eye shadow primer, as well. The difference is that the LORAC primer actually comes it a tube, not packets, which I think is much better and prolongs the use of the product.

Overall, I really like both palettes, so which one you decide to buy really depends on what you look for in a palette in terms of packaging, shade range, finishes, and the value for money. I really hope this post helps and leave a comment if you have any other questions.

Do you own either of these palettes? What do you like or dislike about them?

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 3 vs. LORAC Unzipped

  1. Cookie

    I don’t own or know anything about Lorac products. I’ll have to take a look at them next time I’m in store. For now, I think I really want that Naked 3. The cool toned / pinky browns are calling to me. Picked it up but then put it back in favor of the Too Faced Chocolate bar palette. Just couldn’t resist! (It was my Valentine’s Day gift to me so I’m waiting until then to use it.)