Julep Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow


One of my favorite beauty brands, Julep, has released another new product into their makeup range: Eye Sheen Liquid Eye Shadow. This water-resistant, liquid shadow is formulated with rosehip seed oil, Malvaceae Lipid Extract, and green coffee bean oil in order to help the eye retain collagen.

The Eye Sheen is available in four, shimmery shades: fig, nude, bronze, and taupe. I have the nude shade here called Pale Nude Shimmer.

Julep_LiquidEyeSheenJulep Eye Sheen Liquid Eye Shadow in Pale Nude Shimmer


I absolutely love Julep, so I was very excited to try this product! I have never had any experience with a liquid eye shadow before and I’m sad to say that I was disappointed with this.

Considering the fact that this is a liquid, it was very easy to apply. I just used my finger to sweep it across the lid and used a clean finger to blend it. The shadow looks very pretty when it’s freshly applied, but I have extremely oil lids and it did not last on me at all. I looked in the mirror about 1 1/2-2 hours later and my eye shadow was a gross, creased mess. I also tried using this as a base for powder eye shadows and it worked a little better, but still creased on me.

Julep_LiquidEyeSheenL to R: Julep Eye Sheen, MAC Paint Pot

I just wanted to compare the size of the Julep Eye Sheen to a MAC Paint Pot. Initially I thought that the Julep Eye Sheen seemed incredibly tiny compared to the MAC Paint Pots, but when I did a little research I realized it wasn’t so off. The Eye Sheen contains 0.15 oz of product and a Paint Pot contains 0.17 oz. So the Eye Sheen is basically the equivalent of a melted down Paint Pot.

Most of the Eye Sheen reviews on Julep’s website are pretty favorable, so I want to try out this stuff a bit more and see if I can get it to work for me. I wouldn’t recommend this product if you have very oily eyelids like I do, but it may be worth a shot if your eyelids are very dry and you are looking to try out a more unique product.

Availability: Julep, $18.00.

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