Best Skincare Bits: Extras


For the last post in my skincare series, I figured I would feature a couple of extras.

Something I use daily is sun protection, and not just because I live in Florida. Your skin is still susceptible to damage in the daytime, even with lack of sun. Another product I kind to keep on hand is some sort of acne treatment for when my skin is broken out.

I have tried many sunscreens over the years and they all did not sit right underneath my makeup. Surprisingly, it was my dental hygienist who recommended Neutrogena Sport Face. This sunscreen actually has the feel of a moisturizer, so it sits really nice on the skin and it doesn’t cause my foundation to cake.

I opt for SPF 70 because not only do I live in Florida, but I am extremely fair – like NARS Siberia fair. Although this claims to be oil-free, I do find that my face gets a bit greasy as the day goes on. If you have extremely oily skin I would just note that last point, but I still think this sunscreen is worth a try (especially for the price).

I don’t have extremely blemish-prone skin, but I can get the odd break out or occasional flair up around my chin. Although I do like tea tree oil as a bargain acne treatment, I find it to be a bit drying. My favorite acne product at the moment is the DDF Acne Control Treatment. This stuff is not as drying as other treatments I have tried and it does not irritate my skin. Although it can be pricey at $46 for 1.7 ounces, it lasts forever. Just to note: the one pictured here is a trial size from Birchbox and it lasted me about a year.

What are you favorite skincare extras? Do you use any of these products?