Candles for Springtime | 2014


Since spring is just around the corner, I wanted to share some of my favorite candles for this time of year. Although I tend to light candles much more during the fall and winter, there are a few scents that I absolutely love for spring and summer.

All of the candles here are old favorites that I bring out every year, except for one.

Top Row: Bath & Body Works Market Peach, Root Anjou Pear, Bath & Body Works Snap Peas

Bottom Row: Yankee Candle Pink Sands, Henri Bendel Coconut Flower

There are other scents I like for spring, but the candles featured are my absolute favorites (and they are ones I would replace when I run out). The only candle here that is new this year is Bath & Body Works Snap Peas. This candle caught my attention in the store because I had never heard of a scent like this and it seemed pretty unique. The smell is interesting; it reminds me of fresh cut grass with a hint of lemon. If you go for the grass-type scents, I would check out Snap Peas.

The rest of the scents here are sweet, which is what I typically prefer in the spring. Even Pink Sands, which you might expect to smell like the beach, has a very sugary (but also somewhat sour) scent; it almost reminds of me pink lemonade.

What are your favorite candles in the spring? Do you own any of the scents featured here?

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