Braving the Bronzer


If you have pale skin, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that it can be challenging to find a bronzer that looks natural. And I mean pale – like you have to mix a white foundation into your regular foundations because they don’t come in a shade light enough.

In the fall and winter I don’t go for bronzer all that much; maybe once or twice during those seasons to mix things up. However, with the warmer months approaching I will be bringing out the bronzer much more often.

I do occasionally use those blogger favorites, like NARS Laguna, but I have to be much more careful since it is extremely easy to overdo it. The bronzers I mention in this post are the ones I reach for when I don’t feel like fussing around and I know will not look muddy on my cheeks.


Maybelline Dream Sun in 120 Matte Light:

I know this bronzer doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually a shade to a shade and a half darker than my skin. This is the bronzer I reach for when I want something that looks incredibly natural. If you can’t find this exact product, then I would also recommend getting a setting powder that is just slightly darker than your own skin and using it as a bronzer.


Benefit Hoola:

I know Hoola is an old favorite for a lot of people, and it is one I reach for a lot. This is the bronzer I use when I want something a bit more noticeable than the Maybelline Dream Sun. Just like with most bronzers, I use a very light hand when applying this (although this shade is not as dark as most typical bronzers).


MAC Trace Gold:

If you are still weary of bronzer, I recommend trying out a less obvious choice: a bronze-colored blush. I have a couple of favorites when it comes to bronzey blushes, but the one that looks the most natural on pale skin is Trace Gold from MAC. This blush is a staple for me every summer and it has a subtle shimmer, so you get nice, glowy cheeks from it.

Since this is a blush, I apply Trace Gold on the apples of my cheeks, instead of on the high points of my face or back of the cheek like I do with bronzers.


MAC 187:

Something that I think is very important when it comes to bronzers is the brush you use to apply it. My favorite is the MAC 187, which is one of their duo-fiber brushes. This brush is very fluffy and only picks up a little bit of product at a time.

My last tip is that if you find your bronzer doesn’t blend into your skin as much as you would like, take your foundation brush and buff the edges so it looks more seamless.

Do you have trouble finding a natural looking bronzer? Which bronzers are your favorites?

3 thoughts on “Braving the Bronzer

  1. Judith

    I’m also fair between NW15-20 and I found hoola a bit hard to work with. I also love using a blush especially a shade with a slight shimmer with a bit of apricot it gives a very natural look.(Like lancôme miel glacé)