100% Pure Vanilla Bean Shower Gel


I am pretty big into using a lot of natural skincare products, and body care is no exception. If you also feel the same way, then I recommend checking out 100% Pure. Not only are their products natural and cruelty-free, many of them are vegan, as well.

I have tried a couple of body scrubs from 100% Pure and I absolutely love them. This was my first experience with the brand’s shower gels, and I was pretty impressed.

The Vanilla Bean Shower Gel is natural, gluten free, and vegetarian; it is not vegan, however. This shower gel is also free from artificial fragrances and preservatives, as well as detergents.

My experience with natural, organic shower gels has been hit or miss. I prefer shower gels that lather and a lot of natural body washes and shampoos do not. This product does create a decent lather, but not too much to the point where you feel like a kid in a bubble bath. I am typically prone to dry skin, but after using the shower gel regularly, my skin feels pretty hydrated (although I still follow up with a body butter and use a body scrub to exfoliate 1-2 times a week). The vanilla scent is a light and tiny bit sweet.

Additionally, if you have very sensitive skin, I really recommend not only checking out this shower gel, but the 100% Pure brand overall. My skin is easily irritated by a lot of products, but I have had great luck with this brand.

Availability: 100% Pure, $15 for 8 oz.

Have you tried any 100% Pure products?

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