May Julep Maven & Plié Wand


Even though I am a longtime subscriber to Julep Maven, I don’t always talk about what I receive each month. However, this month Julep released their much-hyped Plié Wand, which is supposed to improve results for anyone who has trouble painting their nails neatly.

For those who don’t know, Julep Maven is a $20/month subscription service, similar to Birchbox and Ipsy. The Julep boxes typically contain 2 nail polishes and an additionally beauty product.

Julep_Laree_SaayaTop to Bottom: Laree, Saaya

Julep Maven has a couple of preset boxes you can choose from, so this month I chose the Bombshell style. I am quite excited with the two polishes I received this month and they both look great for spring. I used Laree on my nails about 10 minutes ago and it’s very cute. For some reason, I always struggle to find pink polishes that I actually like on my nails.


Since Julep has been hyping up the Plié Wand for months, I thought I would give my first impression of it.

First off, Julep claims this sort of innovative wand will improve your control while polishing your nails in order to be more precise. The wand also swivels so you can use it bent instead of straight.

I don’t have an issue polishing my nails, and honestly, I think this sort of wand would be more of a nuisance. It seems to be about a foot long, which would personally make me feel like I have less control. For me, it isn’t the wand style that matters when polishing my nails; I find that it is actually the brush size that can make a difference.

I have heard mixed things about the Plié Wand from Julep fans. For me personally, it’s just going to collect dust in my closet. I will probably wind up putting it in a charity bag the next time I clean out my makeup and clothing. And for $25, I can’t say I would recommend it to anyone, either.

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What do you think of the Plié Wand? Do you have an issue when it comes to painting your nails neatly?